The truth will set you free…





Why Do I Need Freedom?

Freedom From Divine Authority

The Price of Freedom

Who Can Set Me Free?

Getting Freedom for Yourself

Growing in Freedom



So many people in today’s world are burdened with things they wish to be free of.  The list of possible burdens is endless… loneliness, emptiness, bitterness, anger, hatred, violence, addiction, depression, hurt, and despair.  What causes us to live this way?  Where is the happiness in life?  What is the purpose of it all?  There are answers to these questions!  There is a way to be set free!  The question is, do you truly want freedom enough to find out?  Have you reached a point where you are willing to reach out to someone for help?

You have heard the saying, “You shall know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”  What does this mean?  What kind of freedom are we talking about?  Please read the articles on this website.  In them, we have explained the truths that lead to freedom.  It may not be the truth you expect, but don’t let that discourage you!  Read through them all and consider what they have to say before you make up your mind.  The truth they speak of is very important… truth that has the power to transform and change your life!  Do you want to be free?  Then read on!